100RC 100 Resilient Cities

AD Anaerobic digestion

ANSI American National Standards Institute

BC NYC Building Code

BIC NYC Business Integrity Commission (regulates commercial waste haulers, among other business entities)

BPP Builders pavement plan

AIA, AIANY American Institute of Architects; AIA NY

BD+C Building design and construction (LEED project type)

BIM Building information modeling

BOD Biological oxygen demand

BPE Building Product Ecosystems

C40 A network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change

C+D Construction and demolition waste

CDL Clean dimensional lumber

COTE Committee on the Environment, AIA, NY

DCP NYC Department of City Planning

DEP NYC Department of Environmental Protection

DDC NYC Department of Design and Construction

DOE NYC Department of Education

DOHMH NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

DOT NYC Department of Transportation

DSNY NYC Department of Sanitation

EDC NYC Economic Development Commission

EGCC Enterprise Green Communities Criteria NYC Overlay (national green building criteria for affordable multifamily housing, used by HPD)

E-Waste Electronic waste

EZ-Pak Front-end or rear-end loading containers

FEL Front-end-loaded container

GBCI Green Building Certification Inc. (certification provider for LEED rating system of the US Green Building Council)

GT Gross tonnage

GWB Gypsum wallboard

HDPE High-density polyethylene

HPD NYC Housing Preservation and Development Agency

ID+C Interior design and construction (LEED project type)

IDSANY Industrial Design Society of America, NYC Chapter

ILFI International Living Future Institute

LDPE Low-density polyethylene

LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (rating system developed by the US Green Building Council)

MEP Mechanical, electrical and plumbing

MGP Metal, glass, paper (the components of a dual-stream waste fraction designated for recycling)

MOS NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability

M-SWAB Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board

ND Neighborhood development (LEED project type)

NRDC Natural Resources Defense Council

NYCHA NYC Housing Authority

NYC ZR NYC Zoning Resolution

O+M Building operations and maintenance (LEED project type)

OneNYC “One New York: The Plan for a Strong and Just City,” City of New York

OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration, US Department of Labor

PBT Persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic substances

PP Polypropylene

PVC Polyvinyl chloride

RCI Recycling Certification Institute

RCNY Rules of the City of New York

REBNY Real Estate Board of New York

REL Rear-end-loaded container

RoRo Roll-on/roll-off container or the truck that transports such a container

SAYT Save As You Throw (a unit pricing program for waste collection to incentive waste reduction)

SOPs Standard operating procedures

TRUE Total Resource Use and Efficiency (zero waste certification program)

TSS Total suspended solids

UGC Urban Green Council

USGBC US Green Building Council

VMT Vehicle miles traveled

WWTP Wastewater Treatment Plant

ZR Zoning Resolution

ZWDG Zero Waste Design Guidelines

ZWIA Zero Waste International Alliance

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